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SmartMenubook is an online menu creator that lets you create your menu in 14 different languages and lets you create your menu book automatically for free. SmartMenubook can be used as one of SmartMenu's services.

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There’s been a lot of foreign tourists recently… I wonder if they really understand my broken english.


I wonder if there’s a convenient way I can translate menus in multiple languages for free and create a menu book as well..


My menu changes frequently... I wonder if there's an easy way I can keep my menu constantly updated in multiple languages.

14 Different Languages

Translate your menu in to Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Italian, French, Indonesian, Spanish, Portugese, Thai, Vietnamese, German and Russian.

Translate in 14 languages

Use it for free!

You can use everything on SmartMenubook for free of charge. This not only includes free translations of your menu, but also a website for your restaurant which is automatically created.

Free of charge

Dietary Symbols

Some customers may be sensitive to specific foods. By displaying Halal, vegetarian and vegan symbols, customers can feel at ease when ordering.

food allergies

Restaurant Website

Your SmartMenu account will automatically create a fully translated webpage for your restaurant. Customers can view your restaurant's website in their preferred language.

Restaurant website

Easy to Create and Edit

Restaurants that change their menu by season can easily create new menus and edit menu items as SmartMenubook is a cloud based service.

Create and edit your menu

How it Works

Create SmartMenu account

Create a SmartMenu account

Use the Sign up page to create a new SmartMenu account.

Upload menu items

Register your menu items

After creating a new account, LOG IN and start uploading information and images of your menu items.

Use restaurant menu book

Print your Menubook

Download the PDF file of your menu in any of the 14 languages and print it for customers to start using it!

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